Work miracles on your skin using the sonic jade roller with just 10 minutes daily!

You don’t need to be picked and prodded with needles and scalpels to look beautiful. Natural skin is what people are attracted to now. Nobody likes plastic and Botox-filled face. It makes you look fake. There is no comparison of natural beauty with plastic beauty. These perfect facial massages will drive plastics surgeons out of business shortly. Our sonic jade roller smooth’s and soothes your skin. They acre for your skin like you had a spa day right at your home. All the famous brands are jumping on the secrets to having amazing skin just using these techniques.

What sets our sonic vibrating roller apart?

When you buy your skincare products online your look for the one that is best on the market. And we are not afraid to toot our own horn because we make great amounts of effort in making our facial skincare tools Top quality. All of our skincare tools are FDA approved and safe to use. As we said we go above and beyond to deliver you only the best. We have combined the two greatest options of skincare in one device. The ultimate skin facial rolling device has a jade crustal roller with sonic vibrations. They have endless benefits and zero cons. That’s right this piece of amazing cutting edge technology will be facial massage at home delivered right at your doorstep. This device is like a fairy godmother's wand that will make your skin flawless and radiant without going through any painful procedures.

Sonic jade roller has a new feature!

You get a 2 in 1 deal with this amazing facial massage set. The sonic vibration is the best feature any skincare device can have. This device in particular can generate up to 6000 plus RPM, which gives you the perfect massage without paying a ton to your spa and right in the comfort of your home. The vibrations that relax your face muscles also helps your lymphatic drainage and helps you get rid of swelling and morning face. With the sonic vibration feature, it is not just massaging your face but increasing your blood flow that helps it heal and regenerate your skin much faster. It also aids in making your skin tighter while sculpting it. For example, if you want to have a sharper jawline or contoured cheekbones then this just the right thing to own. This enhanced technology that is waterproof mixed with the healing powers of the jade stone is a game-changer for your home skincare routine.

This amazing duo comes in a set of 2 one with a round massager head roller that highlights the bigger areas on your face like your forehead cheekbones and neck. While there is a smaller roller that focuses on the smaller contours of your face like under your eyes behind your ears and under your neck.

Some of the spectacular benefits of jade rollers!

Jade rollers have been used in china traditionally for healing purposes but now the whole world is in on that secret. The amazing ability of the jade roller to stay cool and smooth even when you roll it against your skin is nothing to dismiss. This cooling aids your skin to retain the brightness in your skin tone and keeps it even. It is not only for getting your complexion brighter but helps you reduce that morning puffiness in your face. The science behind it is that the pressure it exerts on your face muscles stimulates your lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation promotes oxygen in the skin cells that reduces lines and wrinkles as well. Hence these tools not only care for your skin from the outside from the inside as well. No artificial beauty enhancers are a match with the beauty that comes from within. It gives you a healthy inner glow that is all-natural.

Using the jade crustal on your face has countless benefits. Did you know that your face alone has a vast network of vessels that protects your skin from infections and diseases? It also a great tool in getting rid of all the toxins and other bacterial substances on your skin. Including any oil and sebum buildup that lead to pimples. The jade rollers' facial massage movements are perfect to give that perfect circular motion that gives you radiant skin and brighter and even skin tone.

How do they work?

The best way to use your sonic jade roller is with your face serums and creams that you use every day in your skincare routine. The best benefit of the jade rollers is that you can spread all these skincare products on your skin evenly. They also prevent hand to face bacteria transfer. Let’s start professional facial massage steps!

Neck: use your roller in an upward motion and then roll it down on the sides with the smaller roller, the pressure helps you kick start your lymphatic drainage and get rid of that morning face swell.

Jawlines: using the small oval roller move it across your jawline to your earlobes and stop in the middle of your chin. You should repeat these motions 5 to 6 times on each side of your face.

Forehead: use the larger jade roller and start the upward motions from the center of your forehead 6 to 7 times. Move it across your hairlines as well. It helps to reduce frown lines and wrinkles. Did you know that the forehead is the most expressive part of your face? That means the most likely place that gets more wrinkles is your forehead.

Eyes: you should never rub the area around your eyes. Use the smaller roller and start under your eyes and end the motion at your temples. Work the upper roller from the inner corner of your eye to the outer with medium pressure. Repeat it on each side about 10 to 15 times.