With just 10-minute addition to your skincare regime, you can have fresh and younger-looking skin in no time!

We know there are tons of people out there who think facial tools don’t work. That might be true but not for our sonic rose quartz roller at Ascia Beauty we guarantee using our skincare tool will change your outlook on this subject forever. Face rollers are most commonly known to improve blood flow. Helping your blood circulation not only makes your skin glow but helps regenerate healthier skin cells and shed the old ones. It also helps your skin get that tropical sun glow. Using the vibrating face roller will help your skin absorb your skincare creams and serums much better in your skin.

What about us is unique?

Our facial skin care tools are also praised to be the best in the market for good massaging experiences that reduce morning face puffiness and creates sharper contouring for your face. Massaging our face daily with these tools helps you promote lymphatic drainage in your face.

What is lymphatic drainage and why does it swell our faces? In simpler words, you have lymphatic channels running all over your body. This helps your immune system against catching any infection or disease. But due to the reason those not having valves that fluid can retain easily in your face when you are sleeping. Inevitably causing swelling and puffing.

What is so different about our rose quartz massager?

All our skincare tools and machines are packed with stress-busting superpowers. Don’t believe it? Well here is the proof. The amazing feature of sonic vibrations and healing quartz crystals will make you feel like you are on the ninth cloud! The deep massaging experience combined with the soothing effect of the cold quartz on our skin will leave you satisfied with feeling like you are at a spa. With our new and advanced sonic technology, we aim to bring you the standard of a salon right to you right in the comfort of your home!

According to dermatologists and expert facialists, frequently massaging your skincare routine will give your skin the inner glow that comes from taking care of it. It not only brightens your skin's pigmentation, but tightens it, and gets rid of all the toxins on your skin that reduce puffiness. The skin also absorbs all those nutrients from the crystals like oxygen, manganese and iron that is vital for our skin to remain fresh and glowing.

What is so special about the sonic face massager?

Devices that use sonic vibrations and microcurrents to give you the best facial massage of your life right at home are trending off the charts. Why? Well here is why! The after-effects of the sonic vibrations on your face muscles and nerves are enticing in a good way. It increases blood circulation making your skin produce more collagen that helps keep your skin glowing and healthy. A healthy shiny glow will lead to a pleasant younger-looking energetic appearance.

Why choose all those painful surgical procedures and Botox injections when you can get healthier-looking skin naturally. All of the fake plastic stuff you inject and put in your face to look younger is dangerous and very unappealing. It also gives you long-lasting toxicity that you do not want in your body. If you want to get refreshing and rosy skin you can use these vibrating rose quartz sculpting rollers from Ascia Beauty with barely any effort. We mean it, the quartz rollers work in circular motions that give you the perfect massage, exerting an even amount of pressure on all the pressure points in your face to boost lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

The vibrations make the real difference when you roll the quartz roller on your face, it can vibrate up to 6000 sonic vibrations RPM. It amplifies the benefits of the traditional rollers with just the quartz crystal. It not only reduces the swelling but eliminates the wrinkles and lines from your face through daily use. So what are you waiting for, lift, sculpt and massage your face with the new 2 in 1 sonic rose quartz roller & massager?

Feel happier and energetic with ultra-sonic massager

Scientists have proven that the vibrations from the best vibrating rose quartz roller not only help speed up your blood circulation but also help create negative ions. These negative ions are like nutrition for your brain that helps you be happier and aid in battling depressive thoughts. There is nothing more important than having good mental health. And what better way to justify it through a really good life-changing sonic vibration rose quartz roller!

Affordable Price & good Quality go hand in hand

We offer these amazing skincare tools and gadgets at some of the best-discounted prices you will ever encounter in the UK. All the products on Ascia Beauty are FDA approved and with high praises at that. We are proud to tell you that we go to extreme lengths in making our skincare products more durable and reliable safe from causing you any harm. They are made of stainless steel that is waterproof and easily reachable. Perfect for traveling with and compact to fit in your suitcase or an overnight bag. Now you have no excuse to own a stunning ultra-sonic massager.