The sonic facial massager is the secret to getting a spa experience right at home!

Face rollers and sculptors are more famous than ever. When it comes to skincare quartz rollers and face sculptors are the main told that come to mind. Many of these tools use crystals like jade and quartz as rollers at the end of the handles. There are many types of rollers that women use to reduce their morning puffiness and increase blood flow. There are mostly two types that you usually get as an asset a bigger one that is used for the large contours of your face like your forehead cheeks and neck, while the smaller ones are used for the corner and deep contours of your face like your nose under your eyes and your ears. These places are easier to reach with the smaller roller.

What are our face rollers exactly?

Our Manual Facial Rollers are inspired by Korean spa routines that they have incorporated into their skincare products. These tools are known to be very effective and show positive results. They have a smooth, cool surface that gives your face muscles even pressure for massaging. These rollers are either types of crystals known as quartz, jade, obsidian, or amethyst. The other kind has stainless steel rollers or even plastic. Crustal and stainless steel is known to be more famous than plastics one and we deal in only the top quality Beauty tools for your skin. It is the easiest skincare tool to use on your skin. All you have to do is hold the handle and roll it over your skin.

What should you choose our Sonic facial sculpture?

What’s special about our Beauty tools is that we make sure that every component that is used to make is of top-notch quality and reliable. Our super-enhanced sonic vibrating roller has a natural high-quality rose quartz crystal as its roller will invigorate your skin in no time. It doesn’t just massages your face but gives it a deep face muscle rejuvenation with the help of 6000+ sonic vibrations RPM. It is the perfect facial skincare that you can get in the comfort of your home! This amazing device is battery powered will change your skincare routine game for the better. You can also take it on trips with you, its small and compact size will fit very easily in your overnight bag or suitcase. Now you can look fresh and healthy all the time every day no matter where you are. Using this will help you relax and de-stress yourself from a long day at work. Not only does it help you appear aesthetically pleasing but helps you gain a more calming and soothing demeanor.


What benefits do you hope to achieve using our Manual Facial Rollers?

You can ask all the skincare doctors and dermatologists of the world the benefits of using these skincare tools and they will guarantee you they are true. Doctors claim that there are pressure points in your face that if given the right pressure through massages can make your whole demander calm and relaxing. They improve your blood circulation in your face that helps you in regenerating healthier skin cells. These new skin cells make your skin look dewy and fresh. If you put these rollers in the freezer overnight and use … to massage your face every morning it gets rid of the puffiness in your face. This is called lymphatic drainage and our specially designed Beauty tools will help your carry put that lymphatic drainage that reduces the puffiness and eliminates any toxins in your face.

The Skincare devices also help you in healing and protecting your face skin. After the skin cleaning routine, it is advised by the dermatologist to use a Sonic roller. There is a perfectly good reason and here is what it is. When you cleanse your face all the pores in your face are opened hence you need to close them so further dust and dirt do not accumulate in there. You can do that by using our Cleansing brush. They help your close your pores and keep out any bacteria from entering. The ice rollers also get rid of any itchy and blotchy feeling in your face if you have sensitive skin.  

Not only have that but women also used the Sonic cleansing brush for ice therapies. It was recently researched that rubbing ice or your cold roller on your face helps the age line on your face disappear and make you look younger and fresh.

It also helps spread your skincare products on your skin more evenly and in a much soothing manner than using your fingers that helps reduce any reduction of heat due to friction and any bacteria transfer from your hands to face.

Feel confident and empowered

Investing in yourself is the most important thing women need to focus on! Ladies never neglect yourself in the humdrum of the busy world always take time to take care of your selves. These skin care tools do not make you entitled in any way. But help you make yourself a priority in this world of men. Appearance is a very powerful thing. It can make or break your personality. Always keep in mind you cannot be successful if you do not work on yourself in all the positive ways possible! At ascia beauty, we have your back we have everything you need to make you look the part!