The secret is out! Get a stunning Facial Wand roller for your daily skincare routine.

It’s not a secret anymore! Contouring your face allows you to get tighter and healthy-looking skin. Did you know that the part of the face that ages and sags fast are the jawlines and the cheekbones? Well no more. A well-contoured face with tighter jawlines is a sign of healthy, beautiful, and youthful skin. Many women might seek the aid of Botox and extreme measures like surgeries or chemical skin tightening procedures. But these are very dangerous methods. Why not choose healthier and natural options to look younger and healthy.

Maintain your skin, help it strengthen, be firmer, and plumper with our amazing facial wand roller at Ascia Beauty They are extremely effective and more natural.

Start your day with an easy morning face lifting routine!

Our Sonic facial sculptor is designed to create kneading motions that give the effect of a facial massage. This special face sculptor helps create a sharp shape for our jawlines to give you a younger appearance. While giving you a soothing cooling feel on your face in the hot summer it also eliminated any kind of puffing under the eyes and overall face.

Have you noticed that your face in the morning is puffy and swollen? Well, there is a reason for it. This is due to overnight fluid retention in your face stems. The fluid rests and collects in your face while you are lying down. This lymphatic drainage with the help of Sonic T-bar Will gives you the flawless skin you want. Getting rid of that annoying morning face has never been this easy!

We offer amazing features in just one professional facial tool.

By using our face sculptor tool, you can kick your lymph system into action with the rose quartz crystal as the rolling massager that helps your face get rid of toxins and blockages that causes your face to swell up. Define your cheekbones with the special feature of sonic vibration that shapes your face, makes it appear higher, sharper than ever. This will make your serums and other face products absorb better in your skin. You can use it in combination with all your eye creams, serums that ensure optimal benefits for your skin.

Safety first in all things skincare!

All of our skincare tools are FDA approved which makes it safe for every type of skin. It comes with minimum instructions on how to use it for your convenience. This face sculpting tool before and after targets sagging skin not only on the face but your neck and behind your ears as well. The sonic vibrations pulsate through your skin and tighten it up with continuity’s daily use. You can operate it manually as well and choose the level of vibration intensity that you are comfortable with. With the stunning anti-shock safety system, the microcurrent is readjusted to your skin resistance hence making your whole skincare routine safe and satisfied.

Why teaming the healing nature of the rose quartz and sonic vibration is the ultimate combination?

You might have thought if using these two features in a single combination is safe for your skin? Then hallelujah your answers are here. The amazing effects of the microcurrent vibrations with a rose quartz crystal are life-changing. They make your skincare routine a lot easier and fun to do every morning. The vibrations will do all the work for you! Now isn’t that convenient? Let us elaborate on what you can expect using our stunning wide selection of skincare tools that not only make you look younger but healthy and vibrant as well.

Improvement in blood circulations

You can stimulate your blood circulation better using the rose quartz stone in combination with sonic vibrations that will give your skin a healthy glow and repair any skin damage. Good blood circulation helps your skin to regenerate faster and sheds old skin cells that make your skin glow and give it a Dewey shine.

Invigorates your face

The healing powers of the quartz crystal like magnesium, iron and oxygen; are the nutrients that your skin needs, will brim your skin with life and energy. This helps in reducing all those stress lines and wrinkles accumulated on your face. The vibrations paired with these elements in this stone help exfoliate your skin making it look happier and brighter.

Helps you relax and de-stress. Who doesn’t love a good face massage? For you will not see a single woman ever refuse one? The quartz healing properties mixed with the vitality of the sonic vibrations will soothe your skin, rejuvenate it, and tightens all these face muscles that have worked themselves ragged over expressing emotions throughout the day.

De-puff your face with the amazing two-in-one professional facial tools that not only aids your skin in relieving itself from toxins and harmful oily sebum and bacteria but helps you decrease your pores. Using the Sonic T-bar with serums and face creams that help it absorb better into your skin will yield much better and faster results in making your skin healthy and clean. Using the facial wand roller your skin will feel more loved and cared for not to mention toned, lifted and sculpted with a refreshing clean aura at the end.