Start your day with the prefect skin care sonic cleanser

If you are a strong supporter of skincare then you must know that going to bed with makeup on is the worst thing you could ever do to harm your skin. We know washing your face twice a day can be frustrating. And all the other things to take care of before washing your face like washing your hands before you turn to wash your face because duh germs. This is where our amazing Sonic Cleanser steps in to save your day! Women are looking for more and more options for touch-less skin gadgets. Touch-less tools are great for blocking any potential bacteria transfer from hand to face. 

Facial sonic cleaners are the best way to clean your face from any residual makeup and assists you in taking care of exfoliating your skin. It not only helps you minimize your pores but makes your fines lines and wrinkles disappear and makes you look younger than your age.

Let us get to the matter at hand!

Why is it that you should get our Sonic cleansing brush?

The Rose Quartz cleanser is the most convenient of our products for women to use. It was built to self-stand, hence you can put it out on your vanity and be done with it. You don’t have to make space in a drawer or anywhere. It is easy to access from your vanity if you use a Sonic cleansing brush every day. It weighs about 60g hence it is easy to carry on your overnight work trips. Now you don’t have to compromise on your beauty while you are at work it is very easy and compact to travel with.

It comes with a small fast USB charger with no batters required. It is manufactured with materials that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is also made safe because it is waterproof, so you can continue your face cleansing sessions without any interruptions.

Stunning features to die for!

Our Silicone cleanser is guaranteed to cut down the layer of dirt and oil on your face. It offers a deep clean of your pores using the exciting sonic vibrations that provide 9600 vibrations per minute at a perfect steady frequency that is needed to rejuvenises your skin. This Cleansing brushwork at an optimum level gives you dewy glowing skin. We guarantee that you will not find these features in any other facial sonic cleanser at all. It has soft bristles made of silicone that helps you massage your face lightly and get rid of all those tension lines that you have acquired dusting the day. It also has an added feature of heat massage therapy. It is very beneficial for your face to give it its healthy color back that you lost by staying out in the sun all day. Did you know that UV rays from the sun make your skin dull and more prone to breakouts than sweat and dirt?

Adding some details to the sonic vibration feature that this… possesses, it has exactly 5 levels of vibration ranging from light-medium to extreme. These levels reach up to the limit of 9600 RPM. This sonic cleaner device is just the thing for you if you are a working woman and need a handy skin routine that you can do without tiring yourself out at the end of the day.

Built to provide you comfort and ease

Making a daily routine to cleanse your face every morning and night is the best care you can provide for your skin. But what if you don’t have the time. When you are a working woman and time is of essence you tend to skip your morning routines or when you get home at night tired from all the day’s work you might skip in then as well, thinking missing a day is not going to make much of a difference but no! You cannot afford to do this to your skin at all. Here at Sonic cleanser we understand your pain and bring you’re easy to use, recharge and take anywhere you want with you. We have specially designed it to work seamlessly and without tiring you out in the process.

It has a button on it that you can press to keep a steady flow of motion so all you have to do is sit and relax while the cleansing machine does all the work. It needs no replacing of its head for different brush strokes. You can set it to your preferred setting with a simple touch of a button. Now you don’t have any excuse for missing your face cleansing routine!

Amazing Benefits of using Sonic cleanser

What women don’t want fresh and healthier-looking skin? But ladies hear us out. You need to play the part to look at that part. With this fantastic easy to sue machine, you get endless benefits at the best bargain of your life! The sonic vibration features help you massage your face and with the added heat therapy you will feel you are sitting right inside a spa getting pampered. Using an electronic cleansing machine has endless benefits to your skin. Did you know? The skin of your face is the most sensitive and yet the most exposed to all those UV rays, dust, and polluted air. It is just the thing to red of all that harmful stuff on your face at the end of the day? The Cleansing brush minimizes the appearance of annoying black or whiteheads, reduces oil accumulation on the outer layer of your skin.

Gives your face the lift and support leaving it tight and fresh. It prevents uneven skin tones that are caused by the congestion of oil in your pores. And the most applying factor that you will love! It makes you look younger and more energetic. When you have a healthy rash skin it’s easy to look beautiful without any help of makeup.

Simple steps to follow

Step 1: rinse

You can use lukewarm water or rose water to rinse your face.

Step 2: turn on the device

Apply your cleaner solution on the device then press the power button for three sec, set your preferred mode of cleaning, and let it do all the work

Step 3: circular motion

All you have to do I move the brush in light circular strokes while cleansing your face.

Step 4: Rinse and dry

Always remember to pat dry your face lightly with a clean towel or a cotton cloth. Don’t rub a towel on your face, after rinsing the excess cleanser off your face.

Pro tips and suggestions!

For maximum glowing and clean effect, you should make use of the heat therapy massage feature that our cleansing brush comes with. Paired with a massaging serum that you normally use the Cleansing brush gives a glowing dewy finish to your skiing to end your day with.

Taking clean and fresh skin to bed is the best satisfying feeling you will ever get in the world.

In case you don’t use heat therapy after a face cleansing session it is always a good option to use an ice cube to rub it across your face until it melts. It locks the moisture in your face and leaves your skin rejuvenated. Ice therapy is mostly used by women as initiating therapy for their faces.