Give your face the workout to lift, sculpt and have younger looking skin without lifting a finger!

Our Sonic Facial Sculptor makes your morning skincare routine less hectic and much easier. Cleaning your face from the outside is important equally as caring for your skin from the inside as well. When you care about your skin it goes healthy and shiny from the inside. That is the natural glow you want. Taking dangerous measures like Botox injections and getting blood facials or undergoing surgery just to get a facelift is quite gory and painful. Why go through all that when you can do all that the healthy and natural way. Our Sonic T-bar massager is the best on the market you will ever encounter. 

How what we offer is different?

In comparison to other brands on the market, you will not find such high-quality facial skin car tools that have the special 2 in 1 combo of sonic vibration with the healing powers of the quartz crystal. Devices that utilize the sonic vibrations and micro currents to maximize the effects of the facial massage. With the amazing combinations of the sonic vibrations and the quartz, the benefits of the e facial sculpting become infinite and last much longer than nay average treatment. It increases blood circulation that helps your skin produce more collagen and gives your skin a healthy glow from the inside. Did you know our special skincare tools can generate sonic vibrations up to 6000 RPM? These vibrations are safe for you and all our Sonic T-bar massagers are FDA approved and of the highest quality.

What is so specials about this combination?

Leave all your stresses behind and relax with our latest facial sculptor roller they offer the best relaxing spa treatment right in the comfort of our home. Using it will not only make your skin glow from the inside but make it look rosy and fresh. What is the science behind it? It is not all magic now is it? Well, the vibrations and the microcurrents that are sent to your face during this massage allow your facial muscles and nerves to spring into action. When your face muscles are stimulated with the pressure they improve the blood flow in your face. The improved blood flow to your face produces new healthy skin and sheds the old skin. That is why your skin looks flawless and flush after a perfect relaxing session of face massage. With home facial sculpting our facial tools are made to roll and move in circular motions to apply even pressure when you are massaging your face. The amazing dual-purpose facial roller does all the work for you.

Exceptional benefits you can expect using our luxurious facial sculptor roller

Using the sonic vibrations to relax your face muscles while you move it on your face is amazing. Ever wonder why your face is very puffy and gives a swelled up to look in the morning? It is because the fluid in your body that retains itself when you are sleeping lying down. This is called lymphatic drainage and if done correctly through the right tools you can get rid of it easily. Start your morning fresh and new with skincare products the new sonic micro-currents technology that helps you achieve the maximum results in no time at all. It also helps in reducing the wrinkles and lines on your face and makes you look younger than your age. When you use the face roller daily the skin on your face tightens and lifts. These tools can also be used if you want to sculpt your faces like a defined jawline or contoured cheekbones. All of this you can get naturally and easily by giving yourself 10 minutes each morning.

It is not just for your face but your mental health as well.

Using the facial sculptor roller to relax and massage your face every night is very beneficial for your skin. Using these tools to relax and calm yourself after a hard day at work is very rewarding not just for your skin but your brain as well, did you know that the microcurrents that stimulate your face muscles replace negative ions? These negative ions are akin to the chemical release when you are happy in your brain. This not only helps you dispel bad thoughts but helps you battle depression as well. When a chemical called endorphins are released into your bloodstream it helps lift your spirits and gets rid of your bad mood. The quartz crystal is said to have a soothing effect on your face. It also heals your skin and gets rid of all the bad toxins that damage your skin.

What is in the bag?

At Ascia Beauty we believe in healthy natural skin. Here is what to expect when you open your set. You will get an amazing set of Sonic Facial Sculptors that comes with its small pouch that you can carry around in your overnight bag or even in your suitcase. It has amazing features. The user manual inside the package tells you how you can charge the devices with just a small battery. These facial tools are made to stand on your vanity. Hence they are easy to access since you use them every day. These facial skincare devices are waterproof hence and can handle rough environments.