5 Skin Care Tools And Devices To Buy In 2021

Skin care is a very important part of the overall care you take of your body. With proper skin care, you can ensure your skin is healthy, smooth and appears young. The best skincare routine would include not just the use of skincare products but also the use of various devices. There are many skincare tools and devices that can aid in effective skincare. Five of the best tools and devices are presented below:

  • Facial wands

A facial wand is a device that can help make your skincare routine more effective. These devices can be used on the face and would help absorb moisturisers and creams more effectively. This happens thanks to the way pores are opened up. The want can also help reduce pores, fine lines and puffiness. Some wands have a vibration mode that ensures an effective facial massage. Our Facial Wand Collection offers a premium range of sonic vibrating facial wands including sonic sculptors, natural crystal rollers and beauty lifter T-bars. 

  • Sonic Facial cleansers

A sonic facial cleanser is a device that makes use of sonic energy and vibrations to provide a cleansing effect on the face. When used, it breaks down oil and dirt from the pores. It also helps to stimulate the flow of blood. The facial cleanser can aid the production of collagen, which can ensure looking youthful skin. The absorption of skincare products become more effective with the use of this device. CleansePro is the latest is the facial cleansing technology featuring both ultrasonic and thermal technologies, offering ultrasonic cleansing and natural crystal sonic facial massage with active warmth therapy. 

  • Sculpting tools

Sculpting tools are inspired by the ancient devices used by the Chinese. These devices are simple to use. They are travel friendly and can be carried in your purse. When used regularly, they ensure your skincare maintenance happens in an effective way. It can help in ensuring radiant skin. Problems like jawlines and laugh lines can be treated easily using these tools. We recommend our cult-fav Rose Quartz 3D sculptor, designed with diamond-cut rose quartz crystal roller-balls, top quality, sustainable and insanely effective!

  • Microneedling tools

A microneedling tool is a very effective way of treating skin problems. Microneedling treatment can be done at home using this device. The tool helps in wound healing, which ensures the skin generated collagen. This helps in smoothening the skin and making it look younger while eliminating various signs of ageing.

  • LED lights

LED lights are known for being a cost-effective lighting source. LED light is being used in skincare to treat problems like dull skin as well as fine lines. The LED light can be used just for ten minutes in a day. Blue light can help in handling acne. Red light stimulates collagen production, while yellow light can be helpful in managing skin inflammation.